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Compliance Pack

  • Remembering to take your medication can be difficult, no matter your age. Let us help! We can organize your medication in weekly packs so that you can take your
    medication at the correct time and avoid missing any doses.
  • Blister packaging helps give you a visual indication of whether you have taken your medications for the day. They help eliminate medication errors such as underdosing
    (forgetting to take a dose of medication) and overdosing (taking too much medication in error). Blister packs help to improve safety and improve health outcomes by ensuring you take your medication regularly without fail.
  • We can also pack non-prescription medications into your blister pack such as Aspirin, calcium, vitamins, and more!

We offer 3 convenient options for blister packaging, we can discuss which option is best for you in person!

Weekly 4-Times/Day

Weekly 2-Times/Day

Plastic Dosette

Note: The Purchase of a plastic cassette is required from us.

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