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Medication Consultation

Review of all current medications and medical conditions. It is very important to check the compatibility of all prescription meds, over the counter meds, herbals, supplements with all your medical conditions. Being a medication expert pharmacist would be an appropriate person to do this. At our pharmacy, we would be allocating enough time to do this for every patient.

This is face to face appointment with the pharmacist and may take up to 20 mins. The goal is to educate you on your medications use, side effects & to find, discuss & fix any medication errors that may have been missed!!!!! We catch that others might have miss!!!!

(Your medications are always changing. As your health conditions change, your doctor may make changes to the medications you take on a regular basis. Often, these changes can be
overwhelming and gaps in care may occur. That’s where the Medication consultation can help! A Medication consultation is a free face-to-face appointment with one of our trained pharmacists, with the goal of educating you on your medications, their side effects and to find, discuss and fix any medication errors that may have been missed over time.)

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