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Chat With A Local Pharmacist

Our local pharmacist is available via chat from 7 am to 11 pm. If you have a question regarding your health or medications, feel free to reach out to us.


Can your pharmacy transfer prescription refills from another pharmacy?

Yes, Lakeview Pharmacy can transfer most prescription refills from your previous local pharmacy, as long as it’s located anywhere in Ontario. Please visit the Transfer Prescription page on this site or call us at 905-240-4050.

Does your pharmacy offer online prescription renewals?

Yes. Simply visit the Refill Prescription page on this site and fill out the form. You can also directly call us at 905-240-4050 and we would be happier to talk to you on the phone.

Can you direct bill my drug plan?

Absolutely, as long as your health plans allow for electronic direct billing. To set up your account, just visit our pharmacy or give us a call!

How should I dispose of my old medications?

Lakeview Pharmacy has a free medication disposal service for old or expired medications. Simply bring them to our pharmacy to evaluate whether they can be safely used or whether you should leave them with us for proper disposal.

I’m having difficulty remembering to take my medications. Do you have any solutions?

There are a number of things we offer to help you remember to take your medication as prescribed, including medication charts, weekly medication pillboxes, and blister packs. In order to fully assess your medication compliance and individual needs, we provide annual medication review to Ontario patients taking 3 or more medications.

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